Questions About Life??

Do questions ever come up in your life…

sometimes even before you’re ready to ask any?  Sometimes this happens to me, too.  Well…more than sometimes.  Ok, all the time.  I’ve actually figured out when it most often happens, also.  Often as soon as I finish a good book, or after a good movie, or even after just watching a video clip on YouTube or from a web page.  I catch myself remembering parts of the movie and analyzing what they mean…or might mean.  Then I play the ‘after-thought’ or ‘after-the-shock’ of that idea or concept to my own life and or way of thinking.

Here’s a thought…

If you do this mashing together or tearing apart of thoughts…like ‘I’ do…you might not have figured something else out.  This ‘thinking’ is actually (gasp!), a very positive form of meditating.  Wow!  How’s that for a slap with reality?  Yep you have been meditating, baby.

So there you have one more thing NOT to worry about.  If you’re doing this without knowing it, you could possibly be creating your life on complete auto-pilot.  How’s THAT working out for you?  What do I mean?  I mean…every thought you think, in one way or another, directly or indirectly is moving you along toward your next moment in life.  You’re creating your life by coloring and adding substance to your beliefs.  Basically, your thoughts create or build your beliefs.  Your beliefs create your life. Period.

What I’ve learned about myself is this:  If, after reading, watching, or listening to others tell a story, I think about what was going on in my mind at the time, and review or revisit the train of thoughts that those impressions lead too.  They often launch or grow into an alternate way of thinking.  So here is another thing I’ve figured out.  I get the same results, the same effect on my thinking, by just doing something as simple as questioning the ‘How’ and ‘What’ or ‘Why?” of what I am thinking.

I change my view or perspective.

There’s obviously a better time to do this than others, but you have to be your own judge on that.  It’s best to at least make a note of something and revisit that path of thinking at a safer or more convenient time.

It is always a lot of fun for me to catch myself wondering about such things and be aware of it than to wonder where my mind has been for the last 5 minutes.  “Ah…there you are.  I wondered where you went.”

“By the way…I have a question…”