How Do YOU Put on your Socks?

How Do You Put On Your Socks?

How do you put on your socks?  Yeah…I know…why in the world is Earl asking me That?  Well…work with me here…it will become clear in just a short while.  So, tell me:  Can you do it if you keep your feet on the floor? ☺  You might ask…:  “What the heck are you getting to here, Earl?  What does that have to do with anything?”   Well, actually it has to do with a lot of things, but I want to address just a two of them here.

  • We are creatures of habits.
  • We often do not explore new ideas if they are not within our “Habit Zone”.

The “Habit Zone” is my modified definition of your “Comfort Zone”.  We exist, think, and do most things from our comfort zone.  We do so for so long, it actually becomes a habit that is difficult to change or even recognize.  In many cases…we do, and even Say things without thinking.  We get caught up in a situation and ask: “What was I, (we), (She), (He), (They) thinking.  Most of the time there was no thought involved, actually.

These two items listed above can be the single most important cause of a very narrow minded living process and won’t allow for anything other than just a so – so life of dull-drums.  This is not happy.

There are always alternate ways of thinking about any single subject, if we just allow our creative imagination to express it self.  For instance… Can you put on your socks without lifting your leg and foot off the floor?  Sure!  Start with your sock in your hand, just as you would normally, but just keep your heel on the floor and lift your toes up.  Pull the sock on as far as you can…then put your toes down and lift up your heel.  Pull the sock up into it’s natural position and then put your heel down.  Boom!  You’ve done it. ☺  Socks are on and feet never left the floor.  (Insert Big Grin Here!)

The point is this:  Don’t limit your life, by living in a “Habit Zone”.  Let your mind exercise once in a while…and don’t be afraid to think new thoughts…

Even if it’s silly. ☺

 “Doc” — Earl A Purkey