Five No-Brainer Ways to Deal with Back Pain

Five No-Brainer ways to deal with back pain

A lot of us deal with nagging back pain on an every day basis and by doing this, we often disregard any changes in that pain level, unless we feel a sharp pain or just a pull in the muscles.  Sometimes this slight pull is something that ‘moved’ because ‘WE’ did something wrong or just moved in a certain way our bodies are not accustomed to. However, be it a nagging constant pain in the arse, or a sudden sharp pain somewhere in your back…we want it to go away.  Here are five things we can do to make it easier to deal with the pain.

Number 1:  First…if the pain is of the long-term, nagging pain in the backside…try to remember all the factors like:  When your current pain didn’t exist. What happened and what were you doing, when it started.  Bring those things to mind, and it may bring ideas of how you might fix the problem.  Taking into consideration any type of accident, slip and fall, almost falling and catching yourself…that type of thing.

Number 2:  Obviously…if we’re talking about a severe injury or accident, you should probably see your doctor first.  Keeping in mind that the quicker you start getting medical attention, the faster you can start the healing process…what ever it is.

Number 3:  Try to maintain a proper poster while sitting or standing.  If you need help…get something solid, but soft to help you such as a back board or possibly even a wrap that will not only medicate, but also give you a bit more support in the back.

Number 4:  There are many good pain relief gels and creams available OTC (Over The Counter) that work well.  I use the ones that generate heat for these kind of pains and injuries…and the cool ones to help counter swelling in ankles and some kinds of wrist discomfort.  I sometimes put them on and then use an ‘Ace’ type bandage wrap to keep the cream where I want it…and also give some support to limit movement.

Number 5:  Often, professional trainers and doctors give out stretching and gentle exercise instructions to their patients.  These activities help speed up the healing process, while helping to ease some of the pain at the same time.

I have also found that a person with chronic back pain, might consider purchasing a firmer mattress.  Sleeping on a firmer mattress, over time, will help to improve overall alignment of the spine. This also helps to remove pressure and pain from some trouble spots and trigger points.

One of my favorite treatments is a session or two with my masseuse.  Deep tissue massage goes along way toward helping unwind the pain spring. The help to release the energy that is bound up in those areas we call “Trigger Points”.  Once the energy is released at these spots…the pain just drains away.

The point is…back pain can be “just annoying”…or at a level that puts you on the floor.  You don’t have to suffer continuously with discomfort or deep pain.  Remember…Pain is energy that is blocked.  With these 5 things in mind, you can find and achieve a level of relaxation and pain-free living, that is comfortable for you.

 …The ‘Doc’