Earlism for July 16, 2016 — Grab A Limb

Grab A Limb —  An Earlism

Late Saturday Morning July 16, 2016

Upon finishing breakfast with my wife, Evelyn

I had been on a rant about today’s (as in our present time) political views. I expressed wonderment about not only the ‘sad state of affairs’ of the (our civilized) world and times, and about the opposite views and opinions of some of our friends. I named them by names, but out of respect for our friendship, I won’t mention their names here.  What I was questioning and wondering about, was not only their seemingly different political views, but also about why…even though they seemed to believe that their opinion was the only ‘right’ one to have, but THAT was the same way I felt. My thoughts then began to question the validity of my own thinking. Were my beliefs true and correct?  Were theirs?

But then I went a step farther and asked… “Are either actually right? As in correct? Were both views or beliefs true? Ahh…there it is. Truth says actually, that neither view can be called correct. Neither can be deemed right or wrong. True or False. How is it that I know this? It’s because both systems of belief are based on an Illusion of Truth. There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans, I say… they are BOTH rats. Same words…just spelled differently. Both mean the same these days. And neither way of thinking or being is totally true or totally un-true. For example: The illusion of caring is bantered about in both camps. While in reality, the only caring in a true politician’s existence is something akin to ‘where is my next vote, my next free ticket coming from? How can I as a good politician keep doing what it is I do and get someone else to pay for my property and put food on my table. And then say it is “All Good!”

So…how do you see the right way for you to go? There is no map that is put here for guidance but in only one place. That is in our Hearts. In our Hearts is where ‘His’ temple is. That is where HIS words are spoken. When you are in your Heart you don’t have to proclaim it but it is so…Only Truth Lives here!

I told the story about the Boy Scout Leader teaching his young scouts one of the laws of survival in the forest. It goes something like this: When you’re lost in the forest or in the woods… how do you find the correct path out? How do you choose the correct path to follow? Well…it’s actually easy to find and follow the correct path (the truth), if you do nothing more than “Climb A Tree”. Simple isn’t it? Einstein told us that the problems of this level of consciousness…this world…cannot be fixed or repaired from the same level of consciousness at which it was created. So to fix the problems of the world (the un-truths) you have to raise your consciousness to the next or higher level…as in ‘climb a tree’.

Well…this was all fine and good says my little bride…but why do you keep forgetting that from time to time. I laughed and said “well…I do fall out of the tree sometimes”. The thing we all have to learn is how to recover from that… or don’t fall out in the first place. “How you gonna do that?” she asked.

“Grab A Branch.” …meaning meditating and staying in the higher level of consciousness for longer and longer periods of time. It seems to me that if you did that…the time spent in the higher levels would over time, have a tendency to make that level of awareness and consciousness become self-replicating.

DING !!  I said: “That sounds like my new ‘Earlism’ for the day. (laugh)

The “Doc” – Earl A Purkey

Depression is…



…is when you’ve misplaced your joy. For all practical purposes you’ve lost it.  But to fix your depression the first step is to know…and admit that you are depressed.  That’s a big first step.

I Know.

I’ve been there.

The next step is get up, and go find something that will make you laugh.

If you’re deeply depressed, this something, that will make you laugh is going to be hard to find.

Keep looking.

One thing you might do, is to just go to youtube.com and type in “Make Me Laugh”. Then just click

on something that looks good to you.

Or you could call an old friend on the phone and just chat for 10 or 15 minutes. If you want…tell them you need some help getting over a funk today.

Another way is to simply remember the last thing that actually made you feel good. What were you doing, what were you seeing, thinking, or feeling that made you feel peaceful and good in so many ways.

I’ve learned that depression has many faces and therefore many causes. It might be brought on by any or a combination of causes:

  1. Loss of a loved one or pet.
  2. Changes in medications.
  3. Lack of sleep
  4. Extended or “Chronic Pain”
  5. Grief
  6. Past sexual, emotional or physical abuse
  7. In some cases, it can be related to Genetics.
  8. Can be the result of Substance abuse…chemical or possibly by any addictions.

From personal experience, I have found that meditation, even if for only 5 minutes can often help stabilize your feelings and thinking processes. Finding this inner peace shows you the way to finding the peace in your outer world.

Listen to uplifting but peaceful music.

Listen to your breath.

Listen to your Heart.

Remember…it IS ok to cry ! Don’t be ashamed.  Just let it out…

Do NOT listen to your ego.

Remember well what John Denver said in one of his greatest songs: “Some Days are Diamonds, Some Days are Stones.”

In so many words…be aware of who you are, where you are… where you are going and who you could become.

The “Doc” – Earl A Purkey