Ask the big question

There is a moment…in every person’s life (both Male and Female) when we seem to awaken one minute and look around.  What we see…is something that we are not accustomed to seeing…it is familiar… but somehow totally different.

And at that single moment…a question (or two or three) jumps up into our consciousness…

If you haven’t been there yet…take my word for it…you will.  At that moment…the question or questions that stands out over all the thoughts that are traveling through your mind at that point is:

Who am I?…and what am I doing?…What am I supposed to be doing?

Do you have answers for these questions?  If you don’t (yet), I can help you out a bit.  Relative to those three questions, here’s three ways to help you figure it out.

1.  You definitely need to know who you are, before you can figure out any answers to the other two questions.  Answering questions always seems to uncover more questions.  Let’s begin by answering the first question:  Think back to a time when you had dreams of being a (fill in the blank).   That might have been a long time ago for some of us…and not so long for the rest.  We’ll use that point as a reference place to start.

I don’t need to know what your dream or your desire was, but what is it NOW?  Are you now…what you wanted to be now…way back then?  (There’s gotta be a country song in there somewhere, but we’ll move on without it.)  So, think about your dreams…and think about your realities.  Do they match?  If not…how big is the gap?  Step one is to write down your dream(s) back then…and what your realities are now.

2. Do our dreams die of their own accord?  Did we release them as our lives went on, because we out-grew them.  Or did they just get lost in the hustle-bustle of trying to make a living? Did others help us to re-program our beliefs to include different possible realities but leave out the ‘dreams’ parts?  Did we allow this?  Yep, we did.  If it happened, we allowed it.  That’s the Truth, plain and simple.

So…how do we fix that?  Actually, we already did in step one, but remembering what our dreams were…and most importantly, that they don’t need to be hidden or forgotten is how we fix it.

Actually this also answers the second question; ‘What am I doing?’

3. Now I’m going to tell you the answer to the third question.  ‘What am I supposed to be doing?’  Ahh…now we can get down to it.  We are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.  Living our lives, laughing, being happy and Loving someone.  I hear some of you hollering something like “Wait” !!  “I’m not doing that! Something or some part of that is missing in my life!”  (waaaaa).

Oh yes…it’s happening…it’s just that maybe you can’t see it.  No really, I speak the truth.  You just can’t see the ‘something’ happening.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t.  Think on it.  So what’s wrong? I’ll tell you… You must ask YOURSELF the Big question:  WHY?  Why have my dreams gotten pushed back and slid down on the importance scale?

Because you allow it to happen.  Why do all the things that seem to govern our thoughts and activities of every-day living do just that?  Because…we BELIEVE the programming of our own mind is from us…and Not believing that it’s the result of programming from sources outside of our self.  Most of humanity is hidden in the cloudy brain fog of other’s desires and beliefs.  You believe…that they control you.  No THEY Don’t!  You are the only one alive that has the final say in what you believe.  Your Beliefs determine your own Truth…your very life.  That is the Truth.

I’ve given you the Truth and now you have the POWER to change your life.  You…and only You…by asking the BIG question:  “WHY”?.

The “Doc” – Earl A Purkey