Live the Good life and be Happy

Live the Good life and be Happy

I believe that people come into your life for a reason, maybe just for a period of time or maybe for a lifetime. Sometimes that reason comes in the form of a bitter but unforgettable lesson. And sometimes, that reason comes in the form of a joyful, positive action that reminds you that there is LOVE and hope still out there. In the article today, I give thanks that this time, the lessons to be learned comes in the happy makes you feel good form. Life happens exactly the way you believe it will.

I’ve always believed that life is not only a playground, but a place where we must strive for freedom – to laugh, to cry, to see, to hear and to love. A person that is enthusiastic about life, is one who is care-free and keeps a sense of simplicity, much like a child. So what do you do when life looks ugly? When you’d give anything at all to laugh but you just can’t. What if you just can’t find it in you.

It appears to be a big mistake when you try to open the door of happiness for the wrong reasons using the wrong tools. Happiness is more than a feeling.  It is a state of being. Being happy feels good but be careful for those feelings may be changeable and temporary. They don’t always result in a contented state. Maybe only a moment of elusive ecstasy.

There are mindsets that need to be changed. The more you are happy for people when you hear of their happiness, and what made them that way…the more you feel happy and feeling happy feels good, therefore you will feel happy more often. Being appreciative and happy feels good. Making someone happy, feels even better. Life is a choice. You are either going to choose to be happy and have a great life or be unhappy and make everyone around you feel absolutely miserable.

When life appears so complex you start to doubt the value of being happy, you must remember the importance of just how good it feels. It is far more practical than you think. The feeling of happiness precedes the experience, not the other way around, so it makes far more sense to start with feeling joy, even if the only place you can find it is in your own heart. Hang out there and welcome the warmth and comfort. You’re worth it. Doing so actually serves everyone.

Often, in the rush of life, The perception of happiness becomes more about the result of success and materialistic milestones, which often cause us to forget that everything we need to be happy is already right in front of us. Our health, our family, our friends, our social contributions, our perspective, and our gratitude – these are the ingredients for joy. Everything we need is right here, right now.

I love and I laugh. I live my life everyday the way that I’m meant to. Some days are harder than others, some people nicer than others. Every new day brings a new challenge and new experiences. I try to be a happy person. I work hard when I work and play hard when I play. I often try to infuse one with the other and encourage everyone I meet to do the same. Everyone has a story, and I try to live mine.

If there’s any big secret to life, it is that there is no secret. Every day is the result of your belief systems and lives up to your expectations. Therefore, when you start your day, if you can make your first thought: “Something wonderful is going to happen today.” Guess what? You’re probably right.

Also I believe in practicing mindfulness in your everyday life. Learning and acting upon an idea brings a concept to Life and into your experience. Wealth, Health and Wisdom are concepts. Let this become your vision and start living the good and happy life.

Earl A. Purkey – The ‘Doc’