Valentine’s Day — ahh Love !


Ahh…Love.  Such a beautiful  thing.  Such a wonderful day.  Valentine’s Day. February 14th.  Ok…so where did this come from?  Anyone with internet can access Google and find out a myriad of facts and interesting information about one of the well-known Saints.

When I was growing up, (I know…it’s an ongoing thing according to my wife), I remember one year, about a week before this wondrous day, out Home room teacher gave us a note to take home explaining that we were to buy and bring to school a selection of Valentine Cards.  It seems we also had to bring a paper bag with our name on it to school on February 14th.  When we got to school on the morning of this happy day, we went to home room just like normal.  The only thing different was that we had to put our valentine cards that had been collected on a big table.  Our homework the night before was to put names of our class-mates on the envelopes and put the valentines in the envelopes.

We then put the properly named envelopes with cards in the named sacks.  We left then there all day and were to pick them up that afternoon, before going home.  Everyone got Valentine cards and little heart candies with words printed on them.  Ahhh…sugar.  I don’t remember what exactly that was to teach us…other than the prettiest girls always got the most cards.  Not sure it was supposed to have something to do with Love…or not.

St. Valentine was a Saint of the Catholic Order, that word has it…was stoned and since that didn’t kill him, he was beheaded.. for performing the marriage ceremonies for Christians.  Man…Roman Catholic Emperors were tough back there around 270.

The author named Geoffrey Chaucer was one of the first to associate the famous day: February 14th  with romance.  In the 18th Century at some point, the day was set aside as a romantic holiday where people exchanged gifts and flowers to make statements of their Love for one another.

In more modern times, greetings cards were added to the list of accepted gifts along with boxes of sweet milk chocolate.  Ahh….Love J.

This looks to me like a perfect place for an Earlism…ok…here it is:  “Love…on any day is special, but when shared with all…with everyone in the entire world on a special day…is truly a Miracle!”

The Doc – Earl Purkey