Where Am I

Where Am I?

Where am I?  Sometimes we ponder such things…most of the time we don’t.  It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?  I mean that most times we don’t ponder.  I think that if we would all take the time to look at today’s activities…the time we spent in ‘Awareness’, we would have more pleasant things to think about.  To ‘believe’ in.

Our entire world…the place we live, the people we Love, the ones we don’t…, the things we do, the things we don’t do, the places we go, and the places we but only wish we could go to…are ALL the products …or by-products of our Beliefs.

Throughout all time…as we know it,  many men and women of wisdom, and those that are just guessing about things, have stated things like “What you conceive and believe, you can achieve”.  The truth is…even sometimes when we don’t believe…shit happens.  I’ll explain more of what I mean in just a bit…but first I want to get some things off my chest…(my mind actually).

The other day…something happened.  Today…(almost 3 days later), I think…no…I Believe that my whole life has changed.  My entire life tapestry has changed.  I really feel like my life is on a different track now.  It’s just a gut feel.  I won’t go into deep detail…but it was an emotional experience.  Not really pleasant at the time…but I also believe…that with carefully guided thought and direction, this experience will in fact resolve…and has given birth to a new ME.  And a new way of living…and looking at life.

Looking around me now…in my world…I see many things have changed…well actually, those things have not changed, but my perception has.  I see the same old things, from a different point now.  This is not uncomfortable…not in the least.  I still have some old regrets…and some feelings of recent grief that needs to and shall be resolved, given time… (oh there’s another subject to write about there :).

I don’t think I have full realization quite yet of the totality of what has changed… or even what still remains ‘to be’ changed.  I do know…that I believe the end result, if there is an ‘end result’,  will turn out to be quite possibly an epiphany…a point of new living…a point of new learning.

Can you apply any of the ‘Ponder-ings’ to your own life?

So I guess…the title of this writing should be modified to include…”…and Who Am I”.

Where Am I? …and Who Am I?