What Is Your Perspection?

Change of Perspection…

I often change words or combine words in a manner that more suits my perception or the meaning I want to convey.  This is how I came up with Perspection.

My word for inspecting our perception.  Examining, in our present ‘now’, our understanding of what our beliefs are…in this moment.

Our beliefs change more often than we realize.  Any time we realize we just had or are having an ‘ahaa’ moment, our beliefs have just changed.

This can be seen in the time between thoughts.  Like a silent switch…or maybe a violent jump, between one fraction of a second into the next.

Our thought, or how strongly we feel about the truth of a thing…can be compared to our acceptance or the degree of understanding, and our intent.

Do we often pretend something is true hoping that it will become part of our belief?  Have you ever done that?  I have.

Sometimes, much time comes between those moments or those thoughts.  After time has passed…we actually believe that those things are/were true.

So in our perception…they are true.

Do you ever stop and think about Why you believe certain “thinks” in your life are true or not?  That wasn’t a typo. I really meant to say thinks…and not things.

Do you ever test your beliefs?  Is what you really think “truth”, really true?…or just that you WANT it to be true?

Any thought that passes thru your consciousness may have merit or be valid.  But that really depends upon your intent and your perspective.

This means if you change your attitude, your beliefs can change, even without your making a conscious thought of changing that belief.  Attitude is all about perception.

On the other hand, your ‘Perception’ of a thought, can be influenced by your attitude.  This being either a negative or positive influence.   What you perceive to be a positive thought or a negative one, comes about by how you ‘feel’ about that thing…at this moment, here and now.

Always ask questions…

Asking questions is easy for us when we ‘know’ we are looking for answers.  It’s when we think we have all the answers, that we stop asking.  

At this precise moment, though, it is time to ask the question, which could most influence any pending decision. Because we don’t ever have all the answers.

There is a point, in the line of our questions, that would approach the diminishing returns factor. In other words, when the answers would become irrelevant to the original question.

One of the first questions we learn to ask, also seems to be the one we most quickly forget to ask in our daily lives. This question is:  “Why”.

Our entire way of living…our entire way of believing anything can be changed with that one “three-letter” word.

We should use that question more…instead of the unspoken acceptance or don’t give a crap attitude that seems to be prevalent in today’s society.

Use these:  Why, What, Where, When, Who…and How.   Six very small words that can ignite the fire in people young and old.   These will move you to action, give you information you need to make a decision or even how to ask more intelligent questions.

Ask yourself…”Do I care?”, “Why do I care?”, “What is it that I really want to know?”  I sometimes ask myself: “Is this really happening?”  With a different intent, this could become: “Why is this happening?”

Ask the right question and you WILL get the correct answer.  Plain and Simple.

The consciousness level you are when you ask a question, determines the consciousness level of the answer you receive.

Remember also, the ‘intent’ that you wrap that question in, will also influence the degree of truth in the answer.

In short…What is your ”Perspection”?

Earl Purkey — “Doc”