What does Attitude have to do with it?

What Does Attitude Have To Do With It?

That’s a good question, isn’t it.  What DOES attitude have to do with anything?  Well…A lot!  Attitude is a powerful part of our everyday lives.  It is a dual-edged sword.  Positive and Negative influences are both created and destroyed…just by our Attitude.

What is ‘Attitude’ exactly?  Not just ‘what’ is it…but where does it come from?  Do you just wake up with it in the morning? Hehhe 🙂 …well, not exactly, even though, sometimes it seems that way.  First…back to the question of what is attitude.  We’ll discuss this strictly from a ‘psychological term’ point of view.  We don’t really care about the other definitions at this time.

Attitude (psychology)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia…

“This article is about a psychological term. For other meanings, see Attitude.

Attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual’s like or dislike for an item. Attitudes are positive, negative or neutral views of an “attitude object”: i.e. a person, behavior or event. People can also be “ambivalent” towards a target, meaning that they simultaneously possess a positive and a negative bias towards the attitude in question.

Attitudes comes from judgments. Attitudes develop on the ABC model (affect, behavioral change and cognition). The affective response is a physiological response that expresses an individual’s preference for an entity. The behavioral intention is a verbal indication of the intention of an individual. The cognitive response is a cognitive evaluation of the entity to form an attitude. Most attitudes in individuals are a result of observational learning from their environment. The link between attitude and behavior exists but depends on human behavior, some of which is irrational. For example, a person who is in favor of blood transfusion may not donate blood. This makes sense if the person does not like the sight of blood, which explains this irrationality.”

What they are saying here…is that attitude comes from our own minds…based on our Judgments or Conceptions of what WE BELIEVE to be true.  The only problem is…that a lot of times our belief systems are born from information that may not be valid to us NOW, but were when we created or accepted them.

They are merely what we Believe to be true.  It is also TRUE, that ‘attitude’ can be the result OR the cause of ‘having a good or bad day’.   So, Improving yourself might be as simple as persuading yourself to change your beliefs…and get a much more positive ‘Attitude’.

Change your Mind and you change your LIFE!

Have a Love Filled Day…


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