Life Is A Competitive Sport

Life Is A Competitive Sport…So You Need To Know The Rules

            Life is a competitive sport.  In order to play successfully…or even to have some fun at it, you DO need to know the rules.  So where are these rules posted?  How do we find out about them?  If we break them, what happens?  Are they the same rules for everyone?  Can they be changed?  Can some of them be ignored?  Who else is playing the game?

There are a lot of questions there.  I am going to answer these…and even more that you might have…in the words that follow.  In fact…the answers are easy.  The real path for us is to relate these questions to our own lives…our own ‘games’.  So that when we find the answers, we may be able to know the rules and how they apply to us.

Where The Rules Are Posted

            In order to play a competitive sport, the rules are posted in an “Official Rule Book”.   This makes the game ‘playable’ by all of the parties involved.  Everyone in the game is ‘required’ to play within a ‘fixed’ set of parameters.  This is so there is no ‘single’ player that has an unfair advantage over the other.  So just where is this “Rule Book of Life” ?  Well…this is where it gets a little bit interesting.

It really depends on who you are…and who your parents are.  When we’re very young…waaay back close to the beginning of ‘our’ game life…we couldn’t read anyway.  Our moms began teaching us the rules as they knew them.  Everybody being just a little bit different in one way or another, besides making the world an interesting place to visit, is what causes some people to have a slightly different understanding of what ‘they think’ the rules are.  But most generally, the basics are pretty much very similar for you and me.  The “basics” of course being what we’ve been taught in “Sunday School”, where ever we were when growing up, in addition to what it was that Mom and Dad and many others taught us along the way.  Here, I say “Sunday School” meaning what-ever our day or days of worship are.  These events of our youth, begin our education of the “Official Rule Book”.

 What Happens If We Break The Rules?

            That’s an interesting question.  One that, believe it or not, has many answers.  Breaking different rules has different consequences.  Rules have different magnitudes of importance.  If you break a rule that has a high level of importance, it carries a much harsher penalty than that of a lesser rule.  Much like in football…Pass Interference will get you a 10 yard penalty, where as a False Start with only get you a 5 yard penalty.  Breaking a rule from the “Life Book”, will get you any where from a slap on the wrist to Life in a High-Security Prison cell.  Or maybe even worse.

Are The Rules The Same For Everyone?

          The rules are only the same for everyone if everyone is playing the same game.  I know that sounds unfair, but each of us, on our own, decides what game we want to play…and for how long.  Also, we choose who we want to play with.  I’ll admit though, that sometimes some of the more important information and facts are hidden from us, our sub-conscious sometimes does that to us.

Ok…so who are the “Referees”?  Where are the “Officials”?  The ones that make sure we play by the “Rules”…a lot of these “Referees” are appointed…by themselves.  This is ok, in most situations and places, but not always.  I know of people that need direction from an outside  “Whistle Blower”…someone outside of  themselves. Unfortunately, there are some that need to be closely watched that are not.  These people believe they can change the rules… to suit their personal agenda.  There are others…that believe the rules don’t even apply to them.  The true “Officials”…are Us.  We know…and are aware, that WE can not change the rules of Life and of God to suit our own agenda.

On the other hand, it is also true…that a good number of people do not realize that what they assume or think to be true is not.  Their “Truths” are not based on fact.  It seems that their entire life is affected and guided by these “un-Truths”…yet they continuously affirm that their way is the only ‘true’ way.  They are so ‘stuck’ in that line of thinking; they can not even imagine there ‘might’ be another way…let alone a better way.  This example is the toughest one…so I’ll inject a question here:  How do you know you are NOT one of these people?

Can some of them be ignored?

          Can some of the rules be ignored?  Sure!  The Rules for Baseball …only apply to the game of Baseball.  They don’t apply to Soccer or Bat mitten.  So you see…it can also be said that the Rules of Life…only apply to those among the living.  Or to say it another way…The best way to apply the rules are not “verbatim”.  The Truth is in the “Intent”.

Know the game…know the Rules…then just go play.

Earl A Purkey — Doc